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Bait and switch

If you’re going to have a program that is free, then make sure it works for free. I just created documents and I can’t save them, instead I’m prompted to go pro. I understand charging for your product, but the free version is useless.

you should download this

so good! easy simple! and is free!

Amazing App!!!

It’s a so simple and easy app. If you have Pages this app will you with some difficulty of Pages. In my openion we should support this.

It ALL Deleted

Mini writer- free didn’t really work out for me. You are only aloud to save things once and then you have to upgrade to the full verdion. I spent a lot of time working on an assignment and then it all got deleted because I couldn’t save it. You shouldn’t buy this app. Sorry


I’m really disappointed as the free edition doesn’t save any created docs, both text and docs with images. The moment you’d like to save, it demands an upgrade, and in my case all the work done was in vain.

It’s a good choice for the daily word processing job.

This software works as expected, it can meet my daily word processing requirements. The UI/icon design is excellent, which make you use it with ease, the text colour picker/outline menus looks great, good design boy! And, It is very fast, awesome! However, it misses some functions i wished e.g. change background, selected word counter. Hope these would be added in the later version. Anyway, it’s a good choice for the daily word processing job.

try harder

Orange is an ugly color for icons.. an option (in the settings) to change to another color would be nice. This app claims compatibility with docx documents, but was only able to open 1 of the 20+ I tried.. happy to try again later, but for now Im stuck with ugly Microsoft Word for Mac :/

Mini simple fast app

So I need just a quick way to open docs (doc,docx,rtf etc). This app is little bit more complicated than I need. But still it is the quickest and simplest. But please if you position this version as Free but not Demo, - remove annoying pop-up that appears every lanch with «plese update message». I’ve got it, may be will update, but I don’t need edit doc option for now, and want some free solution. Thanks.

great app with a few flaws

Love this app…but i really wish you could change the color of it (from orange to ANY other color) The orange i ugly

Surprisingly good

For basic word processing, this app is very good. Recommended.

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